Checking Your Tires for Wear!

You should check your tires for wear at least once a month and before and after long trips. To determine whether you need to buy new tires, have your wheels balanced, have your wheels aligned, change your driving habits, simply read your tire treads for clues.


  • Both edges worn
  • Center treads worn
  • One-sided wear
  • Treads worn unevenly, with bald spots, cups, or scallops
  • Erratically spaced bald spots
  • Edges of front tires only worn
  • Saw-toothed wear pattern
  • Whining, thumping, and or weird noises
  • Squealing on curves


  • Under Inflation
  • Over Inflation
  • Poor alignment
  • Wheel imbalance and/or poor alignment
  • Wheel imbalance or worn shocks
  • Taking curves too fast
  • Poor alignment
  • Poor alignment, worn tires or shocks
  • Poor alignment or underinflation


  • Add more air; check for leaks
  • Let air out to manufacturer's specifications
  • Have wheels aligned
  • Have wheels balanced and aligned
  • Have wheels balanced or replace shocks
  • Slow down!
  • Have wheels aligned
  • Have wheels aligned or buy new tires or shocks
  • Check wear on treads and act accordingly

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